Collie Club was founded in 1987 to honor the beauty of the Collie breed and to promote the breed through membership, training, education, and proper breeding awareness.

Our purpose is to honor the breed and further the advancement of the Collie dog breed. We encourage selective breeding in the Collie family as we aim to promote harmony, education, and advice on training and care of this special breed.

Over the past few decades, our club has continued to grow and pave its way into the Collie Club of America. Since then, we have grown in popularity and have raised efforts to host yearly events dedicated to our Collies. We continue to grow our members and raise awareness for proper training and care for Collies.

The Collie Club sponsors obedience training as well as other events. Anyone who is interested in sharing their love and interest of Collies is invited join us and become members of our club. Our membership meetings take place every month, usually twice every other Saturday. The meetings may be held in various locations from facilities or the homes of active members.

Please feel free to browse through our site and contact us for more information.