Welcome to Collie Club!

We are America’s very own club dedicated to Collies all over the country. Our membership in the Collie Club is welcome to any individual who owners and takes interest in the breed.

Here at Collie Club, our goal is to encourage the proper breeding of Collies through the breeding standard. We invite our members to join us as we promote the breed and encourage health awareness and training in the Collie breed.

We at the Collie Club welcome members from across the nation as we continue to grow into a strong network and Collie community. We provide club newsletters that tell the unique stories of Collies in America over the past decades.

The Collie Club has been standing for over 25 years as our trainers and volunteers are well experienced in training and educating Collie families. We are all committed to building a community and help owners train their dogs with positive reinforcement and results. We continue to keep our classes small to build a solid foundation that is both warm and welcoming to teach basic exercises for Collie dogs.

We have also recently started on new exciting ventures as we aim to raise awareness and promote the love of our beloved breed. With over 100 members growing each year, the future of the Collie Club looks significantly bright. We are truly grateful for the vision and support of those who have joined us and began this club.

As a non-profit organization, we run entirely through volunteers and instructors as we welcome all Collie dog owners. It is important to remind our interested readers that all dogs must be vaccinated before joining the Collie Club for both their protection and the protection of other canine members.

Please feel free to browse through our site and contact us for more information.